September 27, 2016

New managed service for delivering truly personalised social care could cut millions in spend on essential services

Figures which show the potential savings that could be made across UK adult social care have been released today by Younifi, a new managed service for adult social care.
Involving over 75.6 million financial transactions each year, the delivery of adult social care services is highly complex. Younifi’s calculations based on official data sources suggest that savings of at least £186 million per annum are possible:

  • £71.8m could be taken off council administration costs through automated financial transaction management
  • £73.6m could be saved on Direct Payments by diverting people towards more cost effective care alternatives, meaning councils can use unspent monies to support more people or invest in more preventive services.
  • £40.1m could be freed up from staffing involved in the management of care services by simplifying the administrative processes, for example around reviews and assessments, supplier contract monitoring and brokerage.

Younifi removes complexity and costs of this type from adult social care. It fully integrates the provision of advice and support, financial payments and budget control, and supplier and provider management. It is delivered as a total service solution based on outsourced support services and transformational change management, backed by a single online user portal, offering personal choice to every recipient of care. Younifi’s online business case outlines how much each of the UK’s 206 local authorities with adult social care responsibility could save.

Younifi’s vision is to help local authorities transform the way they deliver adult social care in the following ways:

  • Reducing direct pressure on the council by allowing greater freedom for customers and third party providers to work together
  • Making it easy for people to search, select, pay for and continue to manage care at the right price from a wide and diverse marketplace
  • Achieving visibility of every care transaction, whether council or personally funded, for vital intelligence on future demand
  • Removing the internal burden of administering hundreds of thousands of increasingly complex social care transactions each year.

Tony Pilkington, managing director, Younifi comments: “After working on social care transformation projects for many years, I’ve seen the challenges faced by councils, care recipients and providers first hand. There are a lot of great things happening across social care, however various resources and initiatives need to be better integrated into one simple process for both the personalised care and value for money agendas to both be realised as one. This is precisely our vision for Younifi – a new way for local authorities to transform, move forward and deliver against all the needs of the modern care system.

“Our cost savings calculations touch on only three initial areas where savings can be achieved. Our analysis illustrates that every council in the UK has the potential for quick-win savings by addressing cultural, technological and market changes collectively. In reality, through a service like Younifi councils can create an environment for better outcomes for all people needing care and support that also delivers much broader cost avoidance and efficiency initiatives, including diverting many people towards cheaper community based services, stimulating competition and variety among the care provider market and reducing administrative effort around financial reconciliation and care assessment.”
Key elements of Younifi’s technology include:

  • a Support Engine, allowing care recipients, carers, social workers and providers to work together and share information as a joined up support network for the individual.
  • A Payment Hub that enables people freedom over buying and paying for care but manages on-going transactions and budgets on behalf of the council.
  • A Control Centre for councils to view a care recipient’s support and proactively intervene and provide assistance, where necessary.
  • A Provider Portal giving suppliers the opportunity to offer and sell products and services, and customers the ability to make informed buying choices.

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