March 21, 2019

Leaving no one behind’. That’s not just the theme of World Water Day being held on March 22nd. It’s also a core purpose and founding principle of Younifi, which seeks to simplify social care for all.

And with such a significant event on the horizon that resonates so closely with our ethos, we couldn’t help but reflect on today’s disparities between the world’s amazing innovations and life’s absolute essentials.

After all… there are more people on this planet with access to a mobile phone than to a functioning toilet (Sustainable Development Goal 6 Synthesis Report 2018 on Water and Sanitation ). The need for emergency food supplies in the UK has increased 13% since 2016. And in England alone, 9m working-aged adults struggle to read or write at a basic level.

And while some of societies essentials are being overlooked, the SpaceX Falcon 9 is in the middle of its mission to the moon, proudly carrying a 30m page archive of human history and civilisation. It’s an amazing feat of innovation and exploration. But it’s clear we’re leaving very many people behind – knowingly or not.

And although inter-planetary travel isn’t on Younifi’s radar, we’re proud to be part of our own mission to bring better balance, to the UK’s strained social care system. Power through simplicity and collaboration. Control through innovation and visibility. Personalisation through empowerment and trust.

It was the harsh realities of our professional worlds that brought us together. To say there was a eureka moment, a single brilliant flash of insight that led to Younifi’s innovative approach to making the complexities of social care simple for all would be tremendous. The reality, however, is somewhat different.

Younifi, as a concept, evolved over many years, born from experiences across the breadth of social care. There weren’t any particular events any of us can identify, just the grinding, often minor frustrations, disappointments and hindrances we faced in our own separate worlds. Issues that prevented us from being a useful part in ‘making a difference’, in working alongside citizens and colleagues within and outside of our respective organisations.

A consistent, single uniting observation throughout those years (and to date) however was people having to ‘fit the system because the system struggled to flex to fit the person’. All too often people still get what’s on offer, rather than what makes a difference to them. And what makes a difference to people is not whether we’re putting a library of ourselves on another planet but getting the basics right.

Are we, in social care and health, guilty of accepting a combination of seemingly hard-to-fix circumstances and thereby tolerating our own ‘leaving people behind’ scenarios? Consider how well we are supporting self-funders, carers and how we are putting some people in control more than others – obligations under recent legislation, not least the 2014 Care Act.

To be seen as an individual, to have genuine choice and a voice, to collaborate and to make the complexities of social care simple for all, drives Younifi. These are not empty words, they unite us, they are core to our beliefs, our thinking and the development of every aspect of Younifi. They are the momentum around Younifi’s innovative concept and its role in the social care movement.

‘Leaving no one behind’ is achievable with Younifi.