November 27, 2018

‘Failing provider seeks to transfer or sell contracts to other providers’  has an echo of lonely-heart adverts that once occupied many a page of many a newspaper. But who exactly are these ‘other providers’? Given the state of the market it will be a surprise if Allied Healthcare has the luxury of choice.

Is this situation a surprise, could we have seen it coming, is there more providers to follow? No, yes and yes. So what are we going to do, wait until the next time? We’ve done that. Find the proverbial sticking plaster? We’re good at that. Design person centered asset based approaches as part of shifting power? Yes, we’ve done some of that. Talk about innovation, creative disruption, better use of technology and AI, you guessed it … we’ve done a bit of that too. 

What we haven’t done is turn the whole market on its head, free ourselves from the same old constraints that stop us from doing more, engage in transparent, integrated action and make measurable financial savings. But we can!

At this month's NCASC Conference Younifi made a bold statement:

‘Same old systems tying you and your social care to the same old problems? Think different. Be different’.

We’re ready to be challenged by you and if you’re ready to be challenged by us let's have a conversation. Call us today...